rsz_dan_0499     From selecting compliant raw materials to delivery of the final product, walnut processing in the Transilvania Nuts production unit observes the path of excellence. Modern technology, continuously updated and improved, provides the best work conditions and implicitly, the attainment of the best results.

Optic sorting thus leads to a new level of excellence and effectiveness in the selection of walnut kernel due to the precision offered by this top technology.


Another advantage of optic sorting is the fact that it allows an increased flexibility of the production process and may be easily adapted to the exact needs of clients. Low voltage technology ensures a favorable and extremely safe qualitative performance of the sorting. Innovative, precise, and effective as optic grader, the Sortex type sorting machine determines the purity of the product with an exceptional precision, within a fraction of a second.

Based on color, shape, or other optic properties, non-compliant products and foreign materials are identified and separated from the production flow. The sorting machine uses a top technology in order to provide effective solutions for processors, due to its ability to scan the product, even when in a frozen state.

The dichromatic high resolution cameras detect the most subtle defects of the product and foreign matters. In addition, product defects are identified using a combination of various parameters like, shape, size, and color.

The excellent performance of this machine allows to cut-down on loss and, implicitly, to maximize profitability. As such, we are able to provide constant quality and excellence at optimum prices.